Monday, September 29, 2014

Top ways to prevent cavities during the holidays..

Winter is here which means holiday treats are everywhere. Most of the seasons’ favorite traditions revolve around enjoying cookies, candy and gingerbread men.
Eating all the extra sugar can cause harm to your teeth, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get cavities. Although sugary foods can damage your teeth, here are some tips to keep you smiling bright through the holidays while preventing cavities.

Simple tips for good Holiday oral care
You can avoid getting cavities and still enjoy holiday indulgences by making sure you practice great oral care.
• Avoid foods that take a long time to chew
Sticky food such as gummy candy, dried fruit and even caramel can damage your teeth. The hard to chew foods, hold an acid against the teeth longer than most other foods. Which prevents plaque build up. One of the easiest ways to prevent cavities is to reduce and limit the amount of these foods consumed.
• Rinse before brushing
You can still enjoy your favorite holiday wine and fruit juices but an easy trick we tell patients is to rinse your teeth with water before you start to brush them. This will wash away acid and any stains that have built up from the consumption of these acidic beverages and foods.
• Brush your teeth on the go
Taking time to brush your teeth in the morning when you wake up and at night before you go to bed is important. But we encourage patients to carry a travel size toothbrush with them and brush more often throughout the day, especially during the holidays. Brushing your teeth after eating big meals and holiday treats will help remove unwanted food that sticks around in the mouth. Plus, when you brush your teeth right after holiday parties you are less likely to eat more food. The natural sweetness of the toothpaste helps the body when it is craving something sweet. You are less likely to eat after you brush your teeth. So you could consume less overall at the holiday gathering.
• Chew sugar-free gum
Gum is a great product to keep in your purse or glove department, especially during the winter months when sweet treats lurk around every corner. Chewing gum helps wash out food particles and produces natural saliva to help balance acid in your mouth. An added bonus is chewing sugar-free gum will help your breath smell nice after a holiday meal so rest assured you will be ready when you are found standing under the mistletoe.
• Stress Less
The holidays can cause an increase amount of stress and anxiety. We see patients come in with incidents of grinding or clenching their teeth. This causes immense jaw pain and can lead to more severe issues like chipping and even headaches. We can recommend a custom night guard but it is important to prevent the pain by finding ways to alleviate your stress.
• Floss More
Everyone loves to hear his or her dentist say you need to floss more, but during the holidays we really recommend it. Flossing helps to prevent gingivitis and periodontal disease. Your teeth and wallet will thank you come the new year if you floss more through the season. One of the main complaints we here about flossing is that it is inconvenient. Floss Picks are easy to use and they are portable. The wonderful invention is a toothpick with floss on the other end. You can floss anytime anywhere, driving your car, shopping, watching television, these little handy guys make flossing fun, easy and clean. You can buy them at any supermarket in the pharmacy section. Plus they make great stocking stuffers. Even Santa wants you to have a healthy mouth.
We want to ensure that you enjoy your holiday season. 
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